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The unique offer is addressed only to companies...

The unique offer is addressed only to companies...

Dear Sir or Madam...

Welcome to the subpage presenting an offer for companies that want to become active partners of the Silesian Centre for Floristic Rekpol Sp. o.o. Find out what range of supply for our partners and what sections supports the distribution of goods in our warehouse. After hearing the following offer below this text, you can check what steps you should follow to start using the purchasing system for companies. Just click on the button below and open a new page of the cookbook. We invite you to cooperate!

How to order?

Manual step by step.

We import cut flowers and potted plants from Holland, Ecuador, Colombia, Ethiopia and Kenya.

For many years, we also cooperate with reliable growers and gardeners in Poland. Self, specialized transport fleet allows us to import and distribute goods to customers in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia in optimal conditions for the plants.

Nearly 20 years of experience in the industry allows us to provide an extremely wide range of products of the highest quality and good prices.

Also in the segment of artificial flowers, decorative articles and all kinds of tools or additives associated with floristics we provide a wide range of different products. Moreover, we realize unusual orders, due to the individual needs of our customers.

The highest quality merchandise.

Goods treated with due care from the moment of reception from manufacturers, carrying it in appropriate for a given range of temperatures, their own specialized refrigerated trucks (heavy transport). At a later stage, it is stored in warehouses and cold storage, also ensuring optimum temperature and humidity, and finally delivered to customers by our sales centers offering a fleet of delivery vehicles (also cold).

Below is a general division and related information offered by our assortment.

We make every effort so that you you thanks to us, they could pursue their creative passion, give joy to customers and achieve satisfactory results in business run by you.

Besides the standard range, without which it can not do any florist or florist workshop, we follow world trends and new plants emerging in the industry. We know that the world of flowers is not just a single, beautiful copies, but also no less important bouquets and compositions of them, which is often due to the artistry and creativity of their creators in small works of art.

It is also today, unheard once the connection of flowers of different assortment eg. A beautiful chocolate roses artists from the Netherlands or the effects of long-term, specialized investigations and stabilization process that gives rise to "eternal roses" and the beauty of some flowers, shrubs and trees enchants on patch…


Here you will find flowers, both Polish and from foreign plantatorów.Posiadamy on offer Alstroemeria, Anthurium, anemones, amarylisy, celosia, calle, eustomy, additives flower, freesia, carnations, gerberas, gladioli, hydrangeas, flowers, exotic , lilies, orchids, roses, cut greenery and many other flowers and additives that are not listed here.

2. Potted plants.

In the group of potted plants have flowering plants, green ornamental leaves, succulents and compositions of potted flowers. Seasonally offer is enriched with plants, garden, patio and balcony, and compositions of bulbous plants and conifers.

3. Plant compositions.

The standing offer Dutch plant compositions in all sorts of vessels, as well as produce their own compositions with potted plants. In addition, we offer all kinds of seasonal products such as wreaths or Christmas tree with nobilisu and many others.


Complement our offer is a wide range of respected producers of nutrients to the plants.

In this section, each florist and decorator find all the materials needed to make subtle composition with flowers, and unforgettable decorations. We offer both tools, floral, technical articles, accessories and ready-made items - ceramics, wicker, glass or candles ... regularly participate in fairs, visit exhibitions, to always be up to date with the news emerging in the world of flora.

1. Artificial flowers: single, seasonal flowers, catalog, green and other (eg. boxwood balls).
2. Articles floral: sponges, tools, adhesives, paints and others.
3. Haberdashery floristic: paper, organs, nets, ribbons, beads, pins and other.
4. Dried exotic: fruits, shoots, rattan, undergrowth and others.
5. Ceramics and glass: vases, skins, stands, planters and pots, figurines and much more.
6. Wicker and wood: baskets, wreaths, decorative items, articles of wood and others.
7. Decorative items: frame, lanterns, figurines and other items interior decoration.
8. Other: candles, packaging, greeting cards, napkins, accessories and much more.