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Dear Sir or Madam,

We offer you a modern tool in the form of purchasing platform "Rekshop" enabling ordering and shopping in our company or directly on the Dutch stock exchange. Friendly, intuitive panel, high-quality products, the ability to generate all kinds of statistics are just some of the advantages of our Rekshopa. Nearly 20 years in the floral industry, continuous learning and the use of our own experience and cooperation with key partners (eg. Dutch) allowed us to create a personalized tool to work with you.

If you value your time, appreciate the convenience, simplicity, savings and other benefits that entails the use of this type of web solutions, we invite you to use this method of placing orders. In addition to the wide current offer willingly we undertake the difficult challenges and bring unusual plants rarely ordered. We are not perfect and willing to learn, we will be so grateful for any comments and ideas to help us improve the performance of not only Rekshopa, but everything related to cooperation with you.

Purchasing platform Rekshop is of course one of the elements of a full cross-section of the services we provide, to maximize meet your requirements. We have our own fleet of specialized heavy transport, which allows us to drive your imported goods and distribute it to larger customers in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia in optimal conditions. Sales and deliveries of flowers to a florist is a group of about 30 of our sales representatives, who move also specialized refrigerated trucks. We invite you also to shop for our company, where both the Department of cut flowers and potted plants, and in the Department of artificial flowers and decorative articles, awaits you a rich assortment and professional and friendly service.

More about our company and activities for - welcome to cooperate.

Rekshop Online System

Internet wholesale florist industry.

How many times were worried whether you acquire the plants need to order, how much precious time wasted on running the exchange, often unsuccessfully tried to find a florist something special?

Time to end this. Our online store will make all purchases done efficiently without leaving home, and save time and money will be spent on pleasure. Sit comfortably at the computer and...

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Rekshop Online System

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Rekshop Online System

We also offer access to the Dutch Flower Auction Partners who meet the relevant conditions for cooperation.

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